Tile Designer

tile designer

An interactive diversion designed for use in a museum, where visitors select and arrange samples from tiles


An interactive teaching aid for Key Stage 3 pupils, to demonstrate the hierarchy of the foodchain
April Young Fine Art

april young

A complete redesign of the website of the sculptor April Young to demonstrate the range of her work
michiko koshino website

michiko koshino

A fictitious website for the Japanese fashion designer, using an airport as the setting to demonstrate her clothes
strange creatures website

strange creatures

An interface that will hold animations about the creatures living in the dark recesses of your mind
sudoku poem

sudoku poem

A poem with nine lines and nine words on each line, following the rules of Sudoku.

another place

An interface to demonstrate the sculpture by Anthony Gormley, currently on the beach at Crosby, using my photography
Smiling Wolf

smiling wolf

Visuals to accompany a presentation on the Smiling Wolf design studio following a six-week work-placement there


erasure exhibition


Digital art exhibition at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in 2011. The exhibition website is no longer available
the valley of lost things blog

the valley of lost things

My blog about exploring different creative activities, with a bias towards programming and digital art
art barn website

art barn

Art workshops and courses in a purpose built studio. No longer updated
dandelion decor website

dandelion decor

Work in progress for a small new business start-up selling home furnishings


stoke-on-trent citizens advice bureau website

stoke-on-trent cab

A complete redesign of an exisiting website to provide a simple layout that is fully accessible
reboot cambridge website

reboot cambridge

A small not-for-profit organisation using donated computers in training courses for unemployed people